Protecting Our Keys Way of Life for Over 40 Years

From Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury & Criminal Defense, to Admiralty, Maritime & Civil Rights, Horan Law is there for you.

When David Paul Horan graduated from law school, he wanted to come to the Keys to dive and fish. He had no idea how much he would grow to love the law in general or his law practice in particular. His wife Karen and son (law partner) Darren are 5th and 6th generation conchs. They all work tirelessly to preserve our Keys way of life. Many Keys residents moved down here because they loved our lifestyle, but some attempt to change the very reason they came to the Keys. Horan Law opposes changes that are not necessary.

A History of Success

Our victories include winning a case in the Supreme Court.

When the State of Florida repeatedly attempted to regulate recreational and commercial fishing beyond State waters, Horan Law went to our Federal courts and prevailed.

When the United States and the State of Florida attempted to prohibit the private salvage of historic shipwrecks, Horan Law took the issue to oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court and prevailed.

When local attorneys, even after explicit warning, “over-litigated” (a divorce case) to absurdity, Horan Law established the power of a trial judge to assess fees directly against the offending attorney. The case went all the way to the Florida Supreme Court where Horan Law prevailed.

When employees of some South Florida child protection agencies/organizations became involved in child prostitution, Horan Law brought civil cases that resulted in millions of dollars that were placed into trusts for the minors. Horan Law worked with State and Federal prosecutors to convict and sentence those responsible.

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