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For over 40 years, we have been solving Key West and the Key’s legal issues quickly with unsurpassed skill and professionalism.

From taking private property by administrative regulation, to violations of the separation of powers under our Constitution, Horan Law has taken the lead and prevailed. The Florida Keys has a fierce spirit of independence. We face a number of particular legal challenges here. Horan Law is here to serve your legal needs on a broad range of legal matters including Maritime Law, Business Litigation all the way through Personal Injury. We are the Florida Keys’ Legal Hometown Heroes.




Representing the Legal Needs of Key West

For over 45 years, we have been fighting to preserve our Key West way of life.

  • Admiralty & Maritime Law

    Admiralty & Maritime Law

    No attorney in the Keys has the experience in this legal field like Horan Law. All public or private vessels are subject to federal maritime law and our firm specializes in a wide range of legal and regulatory issues including marine salvage, shipyard contracts, service contracts, maritime liens and foreclosures, purchase and sale of vessels, liability claims, and Jones Act liability. Read More

  • Business & Commercial Litigation

    Business & Commercial Litigation

    For over 40 years Horan Law has been representing businesses in the Keys in every aspect of business and commercial litigation. From business planning and company formation, contract disputes, employment disputes, to intellectual property disputes, we do it all. Read More

  • Fish & Wildlife Law

    Fish & Wildlife Law

    Many of today’s fishery regulations, state and federal were influenced by cases brought by Horan Law. The commercial and recreational fishing industries very often find themselves caught in a net of both federal and state regulations. At times, these regulations conflict and overlap. Horan Law is experienced in helping you navigate a way through these regulatory nets. Read More

  • Business Transactions & Commercial Contracts

    Business Transactions & Commercial Contracts

    For all business owners, transactions are a regular and fundamental part of doing business. Some commercial transactions can be informal, but for your protection, most should be formalized through the creation of contracts. Horan Law has been drawing up commercial contracts for almost 40 years. We have the experience you are looking for. Read More

  • Administrative Litigation

    Administrative Litigation

    Representing the business community, Horan Law leads the discourse on the cost vs benefit of proposed state and federal regulations. If an agency is considering, or has passed a regulation that negatively affects your business, Horan Law is here to help. Read More

  • Landlord & Real Estate Law

    Landlord & Real Estate Law

    Landlords and tenants are afforded certain rights under the law. Not knowing the law is NOT a legal defense. Horan Law has the experience in drawing up commercial or residential leases. We can advise you of your rights and obligations under the law and advise you on all regulation and compliance issues. Read More

  • Construction Litigation

    Construction Litigation

    The FEMA control of most real property flood and windstorm insurance is the major influence on Monroe County’s ever-changing building requirements. If you are a property owner in our Area of Critical State Concern, we believe that when you pay your property taxes, there is an implied contract/promise from the local government to protect your future right to use your property. Horan Law will help you enforce your constitutional right to use your property or require the local government to pay you for it. Read More

  • Criminal Defense

    Criminal Defense

    Both Partners in Horan Law were once Monroe County Prosecutors. We are respected and maintain a close working relationship with Assistant State Attorneys throughout the Keys. Whether an arrest is for DUI, drugs, domestic violence, robbery, assault, or other serious crime, it is important to have an attorney who has years of experience working in the local criminal justice system. If you have been arrested or suspected of committing a crime, contact Horan Law as soon as possible. Read More

  • Personal Injury

    Personal Injury

    Injury always happens to someone else but one day if could be you or a family member. Horan Law is there from day one. We have deep experience helping you get the justice you deserve and the fair settlement you need to rebuild your life. Read More

  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights

    Civil Rights goes far beyond discrimination and the right to vote. When the government says it will no longer issue building permits and your property becomes worthless, that is a violation of your civil rights. Horan Law feels deeply about civil rights and has a long history defending them, right up to the Supreme Court of the United States. If you feel your rights are being violated, call Horan Law. Read More