Admiralty & Maritime Law

Boating and fishing are the lifeblood of our Florida Keys culture. No law firm in the Keys has the experience in this field like Horan Law. All public or private vessels are subject to federal maritime law and our firm specializes in a wide range of legal and regulatory issues including marine salvage, shipyard contracts, service contracts, maritime liens and foreclosures, purchase and sale of vessels, liability claims, and Jones Act liability.

Maritime law governs vessel registration, licensing, inspection, shipping contracts, maritime insurance, and the carriage of goods and passengers. All boating activity in the Keys is subject to maritime law, including all boating accidents, damage to vessels, piracy, criminal activities, and injuries.

Marine Salvage
Marine salvage normally involves a claim against the original owner. For historic vessels, it normally involves an ownership claim by a foreign government. Salvage of modern vessels mainly takes place by contract. The salvor enters into an agreement the owner or insured of the vessel. Even if no contract exists, a maritime relationship may still be implied. To claim a pure salvage award, the salvor must bring a claim before the Federal Admiralty Court to receive an award based on the success of the service and the value of the property. For over 30 years, David Paul Horan has represented a majority of the salvors of historic vessels and aircraft.

Supreme Court Victory!
David Paul Horan successfully represented Mel Fisher/ Treasure Salvors against the United States and the State of Florida. The case ended after his successful oral argument before the United States Supreme Court.

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