Business Transactions & Commercial Contracts

For all business owners, transactions are a regular and fundamental part of doing business. Some commercial transactions can be informal, but for your protection, most should be formalized through the creation of contracts. Horan Law has been drawing up commercial contracts for almost 40 years. We have the experience you are looking for.

Our attention to detail, communication skills, and responsiveness are our calling cards. From business planning and company formation, contract disputes, employment disputes, to intellectual property disputes, we’ve done it all.

  • Evaluation and formation of corporations, LLCs and partnerships
  • Business planning
  • Negotiating, structuring, and preparing commercial agreements
  • Debt financing transactions and loan review
  • Confidentiality, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Trademark, copyright registration, and licensing
  • Franchise review and assistance
  • Real estate, asset acquisitions, real estate litigation
  • Debt financing transactions and loan review, commercial collections

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