Construction Litigation

In the 1970’s the Florida Keys were designated as an Area of Critical State Concern. This designation has made it extremely difficult and expensive for landowners to obtain building permits. Landowners have had to wait years, even decades, to build on land they own and pay taxes on. Time for the County to allow new construction of new residential units is running out. In 2023 local and county government will stop issuing residential building permits.

Currently in Monroe County, there are over 6,000 undeveloped lots and parcels of land that are drastically reduced in value due to government regulations. The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution states that no private property may be taken for public purposes without due process of law and “just compensation”.

If you are a property owner in our Area of Critical State Concern, we believe that when you pay your property taxes, there is an implied contract/promise from local government to protect your future right to use your property. Horan Law will help you enforce your constitutional right to use your property or require local government to pay you for it.

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